Dienstag, Oktober 10, 2006

Die Top 10 der meist überschätzten weißen US-Amerikaner

Mein Lieblings-Blogger und zukünftiger Ehemann *kicher* Marc Lamont Hill hat eine Liste von zehn Leuten zusammengestellt, die dort sehr viel Zuspruch findet.

Hier ein paar Ausschnitte:

Bill Clinton – Despite bombing Africa and the Middle East regularly, approving the Welfare Reform Bill, and “three strikes” legislation, Black folk regularly regard Clinton as a messianic figure. He may be better than Bush, but Slick Willie was far from a savior.

Elvis Presley – Elvis didn’t write his own songs, barely played the guitar, and was a worse actor than the entire cast of Belly. Despite being a cheap facsimile of Little Richard, he is still known as the “King of Rock ‘n Roll.” Only in America.

Eminem – Without question, Marshall Mathers is a dope MC. His first two LPs (particularly the second) will go down as classics. Still, the genius label is too quickly attached to Em at the expense of more significant old school rappers like Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane, as well as contemporaries like Black Thought, Kool Keith, and Common.

Common, mein zweiter zukünftiger Ehemann... ;-)

Von dessen Freund Mos Def (Ehemann Nummer drei und ein Veganer, genau wie Common) stammt der Textausschnitt, den ein Kommentator dort gepostet hat:
Elvis Presley ain’t got no soul (huh)
Chuck Berry is rock and roll (damn right)
You may dig on the Rolling Stones
But they ain’t come up with that style on they own (uh-uh)
Elvis Presley ain’t got no SOULLLL (hell naw)
Little Richard is rock and roll (damn right)
You may dig on the Rolling Stones
But they ain’t come up with that shit on they own (nah-ah)

Guess that’s just the way shit goes
You steal my clothes and try to say they yo’s (yes they do)
Cause it’s a show filled with pimps and hoes
Tryin to take everything that you made or control (there they go)
Elvis Presley ain’t got no SOULLLL
Bo Diddley is rock and roll (damn right)
You may dig on the Rolling Stones
But they ain’t the first place the credit belongs…

-Mos Def,
Album: Black on Both Sides
Single: Rock N Roll

Und weil Videos-Posten so einen Spaß macht und ich zwei von meinen Jungs in einem Vid gefunden hab (außerdem, weil es für uns hier in Deutschland so wichtig ist, zu sehen, wo HipHop herkommt und hin gehört und dass das alles nichts mit "Bitches, Hos, Blingbling und Pimps" zu tun hat), hier noch mal ein Goodie:

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I knew you are polyandrous :-) ...nice video selection! Include this great Mos track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2FlcRVTuCA.
Strange to realize that eternal hip hop tracks such as Respiration are now old school. It's frigtening to see young Black teens growing up on minstrel rap a la fitty without knowing even the recent ourstory of the music, let alone the movement. Spread some more true school like: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7FOJ9aqa6Eg . Let them know